What We Do

We are committed to saving lives, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of health care for all.

Surescripts is Enabling Care Collaboration through Enhanced Health Information Exchange.

Facilitating timely, secure access to vital clinical information

In all 50 states, the Surescripts network enables standards-based connectivity and a broad range of health information exchange.

Enhancing collaboration among care organizations

The Surescripts network enables bi-directional exchange of information between hospitals, physicians, payers, pharmacies, labs and more.

Promoting standards of security, quality and privacy

Surescripts has received full accreditation from the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program. DTAAP is an accreditation program for health information service providers (HISPs). Our commitment to privacy ensures only authorized care providers can gain access to private information for use in providing clinical care to patients.

Surescripts was one of the founding members of DirectTrust, and over the years we have continued to support Direct and other security standards and initiatives to ensure accountability and trust in the electronic exchange of health information.
- Paul Uhrig, Chief Administrative & Legal Officer and Chief Privacy Officer

Reducing the cost of healthcare

The Surescripts network makes it easier and more cost-effective for everyone on the network to coordinate care. This helps drive down healthcare costs and reduce errors. One example? E-Prescribing consistently increases first-fill medication adherence by 10%. Analysis by Surescripts suggests that the increase in first-fill medication adherence combined with other e-prescribing benefits could, over the next 10 years, provide up to $240 billion in healthcare savings and improved outcomes.

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Why Choose Suresripts

Why choose Surescripts?

Our network enables healthcare professionals to access clinical information across care organizations, delivering a broader reach than any other health IT provider.

Public Policy

Policy Issues

See what Surescripts policy experts have to say about a number of key topics.

Our History

Formed in 2001, Surescripts has evolved into the nation’s most comprehensive clinical network.

National Progress Reports

National Progress Report

E-prescribing’s success is changing healthcare by demonstrating that Health IT has become a critical component for the efficient delivery of medicine and cost-effective patient treatments.