Why Choose Surescripts

We ensure the free and secure flow of vital health information to get it to the right place at the right time.

Connecting healthcare is a monumental task. We know—we’ve been there before, and experienced the sheer number of stakeholders to rally, the immense range of technology to integrate, and the perseverance that’s needed to work through every kink and optimize every capability.

Surescripts was founded in 2001 by pharmacies and PBMs to replace paper prescriptions with electronic prescriptions. In doing so, we built unique and powerful assets that differentiate us from others.

  • We have a directory of more than more than 1 million healthcare professionals nationwide.
  • Our master patient index includes benefit and eligibility data on more than 270 million insured lives in the U.S.
  • We are one of only 105 U.S. companies certified for the highest level of information security (ISO 27001).

This means that users can send and receive a broad range of information, all from a single, secure point of connectivity.


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Our Leadership

Surescripts is served by leaders of deep and diverse expertise devoted to building a national network for health information exchange.

Surescripts CompletEPA

Get a quicker, more efficient solution for prior authorization. Surescripts collaborates with EHRs to integrate into your existing workflow for e-prescribing that's finally hassle free.

About Surescripts

Formed in 2001, Surescripts has evolved into the nation’s most comprehensive clinical network.