Surescripts Adherence Challenge Closing Gaps in Data and Care

$25,000 Prize Purse

2014 Adherence Challenge

Challenge Kicks Off at 2014 Datapalooza in Washington DC

Poor adherence to medications is responsible for over 125,000 deaths and 30 to 50 percent of treatment failures each year, at an estimated cost of $100 billion to $289 billion. The goal of the Surescripts Adherence Challenge is to develop a technology solution that leverages medication history data to identify gaps in care and create actionable intelligence for use in treating patients at risk of harm from poor adherence.

Challenge Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Please note: the 2014 Adherence Challenge application submission deadline has passed. Please check back for updates.

We are seeking women-led teams for this challenge, as we did last year at our Tracking Influenza in Real Time Challenge. Men are welcome to participate as part of teams led by women. Our goal is to provide a platform for encouraging women to lead in the areas of technology, health, and science.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Team Lead must be a female serving as a key participating member of the tech team
  • Surescripts employees are not eligible
  • Ability for the Team Lead to present at a one-day session in Washington DC on February 18, 2015

Factors for Applicants to Consider in Putting Together Teams

  • Ability to integrate multiple data sets
  • Clinical analytical capability
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) work flow
  • Information/data architecture
  • Web Integration, visual design
  • Value to Public Health
  • Security and privacy, HIPAA, access and permissions
  • Technical development and implementation
  • User acceptance
  • Governance and adoption model
  • Deployment, operations/support model
  • Population health analytics

Challenge Design and Timeline

Submission of Application

Applicants will be required to submit (in .PDF) preliminary mock-ups of the visual design, as well as a statement of their interest in the Challenge and their expertise developing data transformation models.

Submission Deadline: The Submission Deadline was July 31, 2014. We are no longer accepting submissions.

Judging Criteria: Applicants will be evaluated by

  • General Qualifications, team makeup and interest; and
  • Familiarity with and understanding of the Challenge as evidenced by the application materials submitted

Selected Participants

Up to ten Qualified Applicants will be provided with a flat file containing a test sample of medication history records. Applicants will create an integration engine to analyze medication history data (simulated medication claims-based and/or simulated medication fill-based records) as an input, and parse, extract and summarize data in a way that could deliver automated and actionable intelligence to providers at the point of care.

Date Qualified Applicants Will Be Notified of Selection: August 15, 2014

Judging Criteria: Applicants’ technology solutions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • A. Ability to:
    • synthesize medication history data by reconciling data from multiple sources and multiple file formats that apply to a single patient record;
    • identify duplicate records (patient, prescription or drug); and
    • identify data gaps and missing information.
  • B. Computational capabilities to derive actionable insights that support care teams who treat patients at risk of poor adherence (at a minimum, to identify gaps in medication adherence).
  • C. Ability to render insights in a visually compelling and easy-to-understand way compatible with EHR workflow at the point of care.

September 10, 2014—Surescripts 2 hour webinar for Qualified Applicants to review dataset
January 8, 2015—Ten Qualified Applicants submit a link to view a working demo of their technology solution

Final Pitch

Three finalists and one alternate will be invited, and must be available, to compete in person at a one-day session in Washington DC. At the live pitch, each finalist will receive a second flat file dataset and will have one hour for their engine to perform on the final data set. Finalists will have a second hour to prepare a presentation based on their results, followed by a 15 minute presentation made by each finalist to the judging panel. Judges will determine the winner by the end of the day.

January 29, 2015—Finalists will be notified of selection
February 18, 2015—Final Competition and selection of winner

Download our overview of the Surescripts Adherence Challenge

For more information, please contact:

Mary Ann Chaffee,
SVP, Policy & Federal Affairs

Surescripts Names Winner of National Competition to Track Flu Epidemics in Real Time

Surescripts Technology Challenge Was Open to Women-Led Teams; Encouraging Greater Female Involvement In Science, Health Care Fields

One on One: 2013 Surescripts Technology Challenge Winner from Arcadia Solutions on Vimeo.

Washington, D.C. — November 13, 2013 — Surescripts, operator of the nation's largest clinical information network, today heralded the completion of its Technology Challenge, a nationwide competition in which teams built analytical mechanisms to track influenza cases in real time by utilizing e-prescription data.

A Boston-based team led by Kathleen Palinski, who is affiliated with the Arcadia Healthcare Solutions business management firm, was named the winner of the Technology Challenge and the $25,000 prize. Ms. Palinski's team assembled a video presentation illustrating the ease with which a flu virus can be transmitted from person to person and then demonstrating how e-prescription data can be used to track the geographic location and intensity of flu epidemics.

Flulandia [Surescripts Technology Challenge] from Arcadia Solutions on Vimeo.

Surescripts' data networks transmit three to five million e-prescriptions on an average weekday. Participants in the Technology Challenge were provided a sample of 500,000 de-identified e-prescription transaction records and asked to create an analytical engine that would display the geographic spread and predicted spread of the disease. The competition was announced earlier this year at the Datapalooza event in Washington, DC. The teams selected as finalists met back in Washington, DC on November 13 and were each given one hour to have their analytical engine perform on a final dataset of 100,000 e-prescription records.

Surescripts stipulated that competitors in the Technology Challenge must be women or women-led teams.

Learn more, download our 2013 Surescripts Technology Challenge eBook.