Hospitals & Care Providers

Healthcare organizations in all care settings – ambulatory, acute, post-acute, long term, and specialty – exchange information seamlessly and securely across networks to better meet government regulations, respond to shifting payment models, consumer demands, and connect care across institutional borders.

  • Improve care coordination

    Connected care requires secure, cross-EHR connectivity, so healthcare providers can communicate with each other across health systems.

  • Enable more efficient care delivery

    The Surescripts network reduces time-consuming and error-prone approaches to care transitions so clinicians can spend more time with patients and less time managing paper-based records.

  • Meet MU2 Requirements

    Surescripts enables providers to exchange a broad range of information across care transition.

  • Respond to changing payment models

    New payment models will impact profitability. Surescripts can help you navigate this new reality by enabling more robust information exchange and a more holistic approach to care coordination.

Solutions for Hospitals & Care Providers

Automated Clinical Messaging

The Automated Clinical Messaging application leverages our Basic Messaging service to enable organizations to automate common, repetitive tasks needed for Meaningful Use, patient engagement, and care collaboration.

Clinical Messaging

Our Clinical Messaging solutions connect health care providers nationwide via the Surescripts network and offer convenient, secure delivery of clinical communications and data for improved care coordination and increased workflow efficiency.


A new, real-time electronic prior authorization solution integrated into the EHR workflow.

Document Management

Document Management integrates with GE Centricity EMR and practice management systems, or an onsite file system to deliver a single interface for document management and indexing.


Allows health care providers in all care settings – ambulatory, acute, post-acute, long term, and specialty – to manage prescriptions electronically, making prescribing more convenient and efficient.

E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Creates a pathway for physicians to manage all their prescriptions within the electronic workflow.

Medication History

Surescripts Medication History improves patient safety by enabling providers to securely access aggregated Medication History data from community pharmacies, as well as patient medication claims history from payers and PBMs.

Medication History for Reconciliation
Medication History for Panel Management

National Record Locator Service

Allows healthcare providers to quickly identify and locate patient information, ultimately improving overall care and efficiency.

Patient Portal with Secure Messaging

Patient Portal packaged with Secure Messaging, accessible via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, integrate patient communications into the electronic health record, offering providers features that increase efficiency and that help meet key Meaningful Use or Patient Centered Medical Home patient engagement requirements.

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Network Connections

With the Surescripts network you can electronically exchange information with a wide array of community care partners via a single point of connectivity—regardless of your technology platform.

Why choose Surescripts?

We ensure the free and secure flow of vital health information to get it to the right place at the right time.

What We Do

Through enhanced care collaboration and connectivity. We are committed to saving lives, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of health care for all.