Surescripts helps put patients' full health histories in your hands—both before patients enter the health system and after they're discharged. Helping deliver better care and fewer readmissions.


Improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

We deliver solutions that ensure security, compliance and efficiency.

Help ensure quality patient care.

Help avoid unnecessary admissions and readmissions through comprehensive patient data at the point of care.

Achieve higher quality and accuracy with a trusted partner.

Get the most complete and accurate actionable patient intelligence via a trusted network.

Enhances patient experience.

Pre and post visit patient histories integrated within your EHR—without administrative distractions.


CompletEPA® is a real-time, end-to-end electronic prior authorization solution that is integrated with the EHR workflow. Our massive network, extensive experience with e-prescribing, and relationships with the nation’s leading health plans allow us to deliver a truly automated solution.

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National Record Locator Service

Allows healthcare providers to quickly identify and locate patient information, regardless of location or EHR system, ultimately improving overall care and efficiency.

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Clinical Messaging

Our Clinical Messaging solutions connect health care providers nationwide via the Surescripts network and offer convenient, secure delivery of clinical communications and data for improved care coordination and increased workflow efficiency.

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Allows health care providers in all care settings – ambulatory, acute, post-acute, long term, and specialty – to manage prescriptions electronically, making prescribing more convenient and efficient.

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E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances

Creates a pathway for physicians to manage all their prescriptions within the electronic workflow.

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Medication History for Panel Management

Surescripts Medication History for Panel Management empowers providers with the right data to manage population health initiatives, improve patient care, identify care gaps, monitor adherence and risk-triage patient populations—all via a single connection to our network.

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Medication History for Reconciliation

Surescripts Medication History improves patient safety by enabling providers to securely access aggregated Medication History data from community pharmacies, as well as patient medication claims history from payers and PBMs.

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Medication Management for Adherence

Medication non-adherence is a national epidemic that costs billions of dollars annually, and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans. But Surescripts Medication Management for Adherence can help change that.

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Get the highest return on your EHR investment

See how integrated solutions like CompletEPA put real-time prior authorization right within your existing EHR workflow.

"Electronic workflows empower patients like nothing else. Patients feel ownership of their health and enter into a “contract” of sorts with their doctors to collaborate on improving it."

James (Larry) Holly, M.D. CEO, South Texas Medical Associates

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