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Duplicate Checking

Recently we discovered an e-prescribing system that was generating duplicate messages over and over again, in an endless loop. While there is probably not a safety issue here, it does generate a lot of concern and could possibly clog the pipes.

Surescripts Quality Blog

Drug Databases

All e-prescribing systems use a drug database at their core. Several commercial alternatives exist, as well as some low cost or free data sources.

Surescripts Quality Blog

Quality and Measurements

If I've encountered any resistance when talking to organizations about quality, it is that they want to make changes and make improvements, but they don't want to invest in making the measurements of their quality.

Surescripts Quality Blog

Good Book on Six Sigma

One of my favorite books about quality is What is Six Sigma by Pande + Holpe ISBM 0-07-138185-6. This is a very concise volume, but packed with great information. It is the kind of book that I find myself continually referring to.

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