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Community Health Network Sees Results with CompletEPA®

By: Luke Forster-Broten, Product Manager, Surescripts

It shouldn’t be difficult to determine which drugs will be covered by a patient’s health insurance, but providers understand all too well that obtaining medication prior authorizations is a long, frustrating process. It not only impacts providers and their administrative staff, but patients too. The phone calls, faxes and related run-around can prevent patients from getting their medications for days or weeks, negatively impacting their treatment plans and, in some cases, their health outcomes.

Surescripts recently sat down with Dr. Patrick McGill, Medical Director of Physician Informatics and family medicine practitioner at Indiana’s Community Health Network. Community Health Network launched Surescripts CompletEPA last year and quickly saw results.

In the video below, Dr. McGill explains how CompletEPA is helping Community Health Network significantly reduce prior authorization response times. Before CompletEPA, it took them 60 minutes to 72 hours to process a prior authorization. With CompletEPA, they find out in 13 seconds if a prior authorization is required. If it is, the necessary question set is immediately supplied electronically and approvals are received in less than a minute 65% of the time. With the vast time-savings Community Health Network is experiencing, they’re able to dedicate more time to direct patient care, thus improving patient and provider satisfaction.

CompletEPA allows providers to complete prior authorizations electronically, delivering approvals in minutes or less. It also prepopulates patient data and only requires answers to relevant patient and plan-specific questions, saving additional time.

See for yourself—calculate how much time and money you can save with CompletEPA.

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