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Interoperability in Action: ONC Visits St. Louis

This week I had the pleasure of going to St. Louis, Missouri with Carequality and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) to visit healthcare clinics and a long-term care nursing facility to see real-world health data sharing. National Coordinator, Dr. Vindell Washington spent the day touring multiple sites using Carequality Interoperability Framework.

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Talking Technology & Health IT with CVS Pharmacy

As we celebrate National Pharmacy Week and American Pharmacist Month, Surescripts recognizes the integral role pharmacists play in helping people improve their health. Pharmacists are a trusted resource for millions of patients by managing onsite clinics, consulting patients on therapies and dispensing medications—all to ultimately improve patient care.

A Better Partner for Community Pharmacists

With over 70 percent of all prescriptions processed electronically, e-prescribing is proof that interoperability is happening. But with many prescriptions still requiring manual intervention, there is still work to be done to improve accuracy and efficiency across the network.

Thank You, Pharmacists!

As we celebrate American Pharmacists Month this October, we want to send a sincere thank you and recognize pharmacists for all the work they do. A pharmacist’s role is ever expanding and an increasingly integral part of quality patient care.

Get Electronic Prior Authorization and Get Back to Business—See Surescripts’ CompletEPA® in Action at AAFP’s Family Medicine Experience (FMX)

“It lasted about 21 minutes. I tried to watch the video right after filming, but I quit after five minutes because I couldn't suffer through the monotonous trauma again so soon.” The “trauma” that primary care physician Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH, describes isn’t from the front lines of patient care, but the manual medication prior authorization process.

A Peek Inside America’s Medicine Cabinet

As the nation’s leading health information network, we have unique insight on how medication is prescribed in America. We investigate questions like, “What types of drugs are prescribed most often by doctors in the U.S.?” and “How does each state rank in prescribing those types of drugs?”

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