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Executive Summary


The National Progress Report and Safe-rx rankings year 2012 at-a-glance: This report confirms that e-prescribing’s success is changing health care by demonstrating that Health IT has become a critical component for the efficient delivery of medicine and cost-effective patient treatments. E-prescribing continues to lead the way for full utilization of clinical sharing throughout health care.

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Electronic Prescribing Use

2012 Year-to-Year Growth for the Three Components of E-Prescribing

  • E-Prescription Routing increased 38% in 2012
  • 44% of prescriptions dispensed were routed electronically
  • Prescription Benefit Responses increased 33% in 2012
  • 47% of patient visits generated an electronically delivered medication history

Electronic Prescription Adoption

By Specialty: Growth 2012
Cardiovascular Disease
Family Practice

By Specialty:
Adoption by Practice (size 6 to 10)
Adoption by practice (size 2 to 5)

Prescribers Using An EMR Versus standlone

93% of Community Pharmacies can accept E-Precriptions
Community pharmacies connected for prescription routing

2012 Safe-Rx state Rankings

Top 10 Safe-rx Rankings 2012
1.Delaware | New #1 Safe Rx State in 2012 6.North Carolina
2.Minnesota 7.Vermont
3.Ohio 8.Missouri
4.New Hampshire 9.Maine
5.Massachusetts 10.South Dakota
  • Adoption of E-Prescribing by Physicians was >70% in 24 State
  • No state had a physician e-prescribing adoption rate below 40% in 2012

69% of office-based Physicians e-prescribing in 2012

Surescripts estimates that more than 380,000 office-based physicianswere actively e-prescribing (electronically routing prescriptions) by the end of 2012.


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