To serve the nation with the single most trusted and capable health information network, built to increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care.

Our Story and only our story

IN 2001

Different areas of the industry were recognizing an urgent need for a leap forward. Pharmacy associations formed SureScript Systems to create a link to physicians and replace paper prescriptions with more accurate e-prescribing. And the three largest PBMs—Caremark, Express Scripts and Medco Health—formed RxHub to create a link between payers and prescribers.

IN 2008

These competing organizations formed a historical alliance as Surescripts. Their goal was to build a national network to connect clinicians, EHRs, hospitals, PBMs, pharmacies and technology vendors. They believed in the value of having comprehensive patient information at the point of care.

Connecting healthcare entities nationwide was a massive undertaking. The jury is in. Surescripts led the movement to turn health data into actionable intelligence. We succeeded, it broke new ground and Surescripts is credited as being the pioneers of the field.

Mature and Muscle Bound A Network Built to Serve

Surescripts committed the industr’s best and brightest to create what is today the nation’s largest health information network.

  • 9.7 Billion
    Transactions annually
  • 1.4 Billion
    E-prescriptions annually
  • 3.8 Million
    E-prescriptions daily
  • 1.07 Million
    Connected healthcare professionals

Beyond its unparalleled breadth, depth and volume, the strength of our network is rooted in

  • 1.
    More actionable patient intelligence at critical points of care means better decisions
  • 2.
    Better decisions mean lower cost, higher quality and increased safety—the “holy grail” of healthcare.
Shoulder to Shoulder, Segment By Segment

Our customers are priority one.

We walk with them to learn their needs. By design, our solutions expand and enhance their offerings, relationship and results.

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Care providers are under increasing pressure to deliver better, safer care at a lower cost. We provide the most complete and accurate actionable patient intelligence via a trusted network, vastly expanding your existing reach.

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Our workflow-integrated solutions deliver real-time patient-specific formulary and benefit data to the point of care. We deliver seamless, prescriptions that go from prescribing to fulfillment, resulting in lower inbound call volume.

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You’re more than just dispensers of drugs—you’re part of the care team. We help you grow through perfecting e-prescribing and new offering ways to engage patients, freeing you to give the expert guidance your patients want and need.

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We are committed to your profit and growth through both revenue sharing and efficient implementation. Our proven solutions and industrial-strength network help meet your security, regulatory, innovation and development needs.

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Staying true to our valued behaviors

At Surescripts, we use Our Valued Behaviors to guide our priorities, choices and actions.

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Surescripts is guided by a team of dynamic and experienced leaders who are relentless about innovation and steadfast in our mission to deliver actionable intelligence that improves healthcare for all.

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