Medication Network Services: Advanced E-Prescribing Services

Medication Management
for Adherence

Tackle Medication Non-Adherence
at the Point of Care

Medication non-adherence is a national epidemic that costs billions of dollars annually, and negatively impacts the health of millions of Americans. But Surescripts Medication Management for Adherence can help change that.

Surescripts’ Medication Management for Adherence helps paint a better picture of who a patient is and how to get the best outcome possible. Physicians have a complete view of a patient’s medication and their likelihood of complying with the prescription instructions, which helps to tailor how a doctor might approach treatment and follow up on a patient-specific basis.

Medication adherence is vital to helping providers improve patient care, especially those with chronic conditions. The direct integration of Surescripts’ Medication Management within the MedConnect product suite ensures providers can easily access this information. Our company is honored to be among the early adopters to connect with Surescripts to integrate this valuable service, and physician feedback has already been overwhelmingly positive.

Medication Management for Adherence is the solution that provides insight into a patient’s personal medication practices. Through collaboration with Surescripts, we’ve integrated the solution seamlessly within PrognoCIS, making it easy for doctors to leverage medication insights without leaving their existing workflows. Providing this innovative tool reinforces our commitment to helping our doctors meet the highest quality of care standards.

Real-Time Patient Adherence Messages within Your EHR

Medication Management for Adherence puts patient-specific adherence summaries and real-time messages from PBMs right in front of the physician at the point of care.

Adherence data is integrated directly with the EHR workflow, giving a quick snapshot of how the patient is doing with their medication based on their PDC ratios. In addition, our solution delivers real time messages about:

  • Drugs that should be taken, but weren’t prescribed
  • Medications that could cause adverse side effects
  • Medication not being taken properly (non-adherence)

Better Adherence is Better for Everyone

Patients receive more informed care for better outcomes.
Physicians are empowered with timely, targeted information to improve adherence.
EHRs create value by offering a new and desirable functionality, fully integrated with existing workflows.
PBMs enjoy improved clinical programs and physician engagement.

Create More Value

With Medication Management for Adherence, EHRs can:

  • Meet physician demand for updated information to use in meaningful patient dialog during visits.
  • Generate market differentiation with fast and efficient integration options—creating a seamless interface with physician workflow.
  • Drive efficiency by reducing “alert fatigue” and eliminating faxes and paper communication.

With Medication Management for Adherence, PBMs can:

  • Improve adherence and gaps in care programs.
  • Generate savings by replacing paper and fax with real-time electronic communications.
  • Increase quality and Star ratings. 

Surescripts is a single point of connectivity between the PBM and the EHR.


At Surescripts, we put our customers at the very center of everything we do. We look forward to helping your organization unleash the power of connected healthcare.

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