Network Services

Supporting a shift to a paperless and more informed way for prescribers, payers and pharmacists to make better medication care decisions.

Core E-Prescribing Services

Prescription Routing (New and Renewal)

Ensures 100% of e-prescriptions reach the pharmacy and improves prescription pickup rates – ultimately making the process more convenient and efficient.

Prescription Benefit (Formulary/Benefit)

Allows prescribers to choose medications that are on formulary and covered by the patient’s drug benefit.

Medication History Ambulatory

Provides information on patients current and past prescriptions and helps inform physicians and pharmacists about potential medication issues.

Advanced E-Prescribing Services

E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Creates a pathway for physicians to manage all their prescriptions within the electronic workflow.


A new, real-time electronic prior authorization (EPA) solution integrated into the EHR workflow.

Real-Time Benefit Check

Allows physicians to verify benefits in real-time

Rx Change

Allows pharmacies to send a message electronically to a prescriber to request authorization to make a change to a prescription

Cancel Rx: Cancel Prescriptions

Allows prescribers to send a message electronically to a pharmacy to cancel therapy on a previously prescribed medication or prescription.

Medication Management Services

Medication History for Hospitals

Improves the medication reconciliation process by enabling prescribers to securely access aggregated Medication History data from community pharmacies, as well as patient medication claims history from payers and PBMs.

Controlled Substances Analysis and Reporting

Helps physicians and pharmacists identify factors that may indicate prescription drug abuse, addiction, and diversion, while protecting the access and privacy of patients who need controlled substances for legitimate medical use.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Gives pharmacies a more efficient way to report data on controlled substances.

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Network Connections

With the Surescripts network you can electronically exchange information with a wide array of community care partners via a single point of connectivity—regardless of your technology platform.

Why Choose Suresripts

Why choose Surescripts?

Our network enables healthcare professionals to access clinical information across care organizations, delivering a broader reach than any other health IT provider.