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Improving prescribing efficiency within your EHR workflow


CompletEPA is a new real-time electronic prior authorization (EPA) solution integrated into the EHR workflow. CompletEPA™ represents a proven breakthrough, enabling real-time electronic prior authorization processing to help:

  • Increase the value of your EHR solution
  • Enhance the satisfaction level of your customers
  • Save time for providers and patients

CompletEPA reduces the hassles and headaches associated with the Prior Authorization process and ensures patients get access to the appropriate medications faster. And like all Surescripts solutions, this capability is integrated directly into the EHR workflow.

Watch the following video to learn how CompletEPA improves the prior authorization process:

Also Available:

CompletEPA for PBMs

CompletEPA delivers operational efficiency for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) as the first solution for sending verified, standardized messages from EHRs to PBMs.

  • Leverages eligibility & formulary data to notify providers of PA requirements before e-prescribing
  • Helps eliminate forms with electronic exchange of clean, standardized messages
  • Dynamically delivers PA questions customized to patient, plan and medication
  • Pre-populates required PA information, increasing efficiency and accuracy
  • Enables real-time transactions to accelerate time to fill and increase member satisfaction

Learn more about how CompletEPA™can help your PBM

Prior Authorization (PA) Challenges Today

Manual prior authorization (PA) is time-consuming, costly and delays time-to-treatment.

CompletEPA PA Challenges

The Surescripts Advantage

Surescripts offers experience and expertise as a market leader that will help you realize the benefits of electronic prior authorization.

Benefits of CompletEPA include:

  • Leveraging scalable technology with reach and breadth from the nation's largest clinical health information network
  • Applying experience from supporting the development of the NCPDP ePA standard and 2 year pilot
  • Offering a free Accelerator module to simplify development requirements and expedite adoption

How It Works

CompletEPA automates a time- and resource-intensive medication prior authorization process into a single, efficient electronic workflow.

  • No phone calls or faxes: Within the EHR workflow, providers instantly know if a medication requires prior authorization and if it is approved or denied.
  • No forms: Dynamic questions with pre-population of patient information
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy.
  • No hassles: Real-time processing allows medication approval before prescriptions are routed to pharmacies.
  • No delays: Patients benefit from timely access to needed medications.
  • CompletEPA How it Works
    1. Physician gets PA alert
    2. Pharmacy gets clean e-prescription
    3. Patient gets needed medication

Get Started

When you implement Surescripts CompletEPA, you will gain advantages for your customers and your company. You can:

  • Reduce the administrative burden of prior authorizations: In a two-year pilot, EPA was proven to effectively automate PA processing between EHRs and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).
  • Differentiate your EHR in a crowded market: Streamlining prior authorization is a top priority for care providers and an opportunity for you to competitively position your EHR.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention: CompletEPA speeds processing of prior authorizations and provides quick access to care that is medically appropriate and cost effective.

A Quicker, More Cost Effective Implementation

Surescripts offers the Accelerator module to simplify EHR build and expedite provider adoption


Contact your Surescripts Account Representative to get started. Alternatively, contact us to request more information.

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