If patients are prescribed drugs they can’t afford, they are more likely to abandon their prescriptions. In fact, studies show that when prescription copays increase by $10, the likelihood of patients picking up those medications decreases by 10%.* That’s why greater price transparency at the point of care is critical to unlocking safer, higher quality and lower cost healthcare.



Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers the most accurate prescription benefit and cost information to the e-prescribing workflow at the point of care, including up to five drug alternatives and three channel options. It is backed by the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and provides benefit information for 60% of covered lives—and growing.

Now prescribers can get the actionable intelligence they need to discuss medication options and pricing with patients to improve care and medication adherence while reducing costs.

Easy to use

Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers clear and concise benefits data directly from PBMs to prescribers’ electronic workflow at the point of care.

Aligns with patients’ pharmacy benefits

With up-to-date benefit and cost information, and all viable prescription options at their fingertips, prescribers can select medications that are clinically appropriate and covered under patients’ pharmacy benefits.

Improves patient and physician satisfaction

Better-informed medication choices improve adherence and reduce costs. Plus, upfront cost-transparency eliminates surprises at the pharmacy, which means happier patients and fewer pharmacy callbacks.

Easy to implement

Real-Time Prescription Benefit integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) and uses the NCPDP SCRIPT XML format, making implementation a breeze.

Upholds network neutrality

A Real-Time Prescription Benefit transaction is not triggered until the prescriber inputs a drug and a patient’s preferred pharmacy location. We pride ourselves in maintaining network neutrality and do not steer patients toward specific drugs or pharmacy channels.

“The ability to see what a particular drug will cost, plus real-time prior authorization, will relieve a lot of burden on both providers and patients, and improve satisfaction across the board.”

Tom Langan Chief Executive Officer, Practice Fusion



Real-Time Prescription Benefit Workflow

Real-Time Prescription Benefit Workflow image

Let’s discuss how Real-Time Prescription Benefit can work for you.


Let’s discuss how Real-Time Prescription Benefit can work for you.