FAQs - General

Why is Surescripts uniquely positioned to support clinical information exchange?

Surescripts has more than a decade of experience developing a nationwide network to enable electronic prescribing and facilitate the secure exchange of health information.  Through the Surescripts network, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others can communicate with each other like a team, sharing information to reduce errors, improve efficiency, and save money.

Today, Surescripts connects nearly 1 million healthcare professionals, more than 3,000 hospitals, and more than 700 software applications, providing the ability to exchange critical information on more than 230 million patients. Surescripts is uniquely positioned to leverage our assets and extract more value from our network to improve the patient and provider experience. We’re using our unique experience as the nation’s e-prescription network® and building on it to exchange massive amounts of health information, including medication histories, prior authorizations and other complex clinical messages.