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A local prescriber is stating they cannot find my pharmacy in their EHR system. What is causing this and how do I resolve it?

The prescriber's directory is likely out of date. First you will need to verify that your pharmacy does in fact participate in e-prescribing. If you receive all your prescriptions via fax then you do not participate in e-prescribing and physicians may not have the ability to transmit electronically to your pharmacy. If your pharmacy does participate and the prescriber cannot find you, this indicates an issue between the prescriber and their  e-prescribing/EHR vendor should provide them with an accurate/up-to-date pharmacy directory. There are a few things you can do to assist the prescriber in updating their pharmacy directory:

  1. Communicate to the prescriber that they must work with their EHR vendor to update their pharmacy directory and ask the prescriber to make sure they know the proper process to maintain their pharmacy directory in the future.
  2. Provide the prescriber with your NCPDP/NABP number. This is the number that must be loaded into the prescriber's e-prescribing application in order for a prescription to be transmitted to your pharmacy. Some vendors allow prescribers to manually add a missing pharmacy with the corresponding NCPDP/NABP number.
  3. Surescripts maintains a site for prescribers where they can search for and locate all e-prescribing pharmacies and their corresponding NCPDP/NABP numbers. Prescribers can visit surescripts.com/NCPDP to access this information to assist them in maintaining their pharmacy directory.
  4. Contact your pharmacy management system vendor to report this issue. They will open a support ticket on your behalf so the issue can be researched.