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When I send a renewal request to a prescriber they are denying it and sending it again as a new prescription “Denied, New to Follow”. Does this cause me to be billed twice and how do I prevent this from happening?

When a prescriber responds to a refill request he may change the following fields: number of refills, written date, notes in the response segment, and substitution. However, if the prescriber needs to make any other changes, a new prescription must be written. The "Denied, New to Follow" (DNTF) transaction allows the pharmacist to distinguish between instances when the prescriber will follow up with a new prescription versus simply denying a refill request; the DNTF transaction closes the loop and prevents the need for further phone calls or other communication.

While DNTF responses are appropriate in some circumstances, they are not always used as originally intended and may result in additional charges for single prescriptions. As of May 1, 2013, Surescripts no longer charges for DNTF response messages for both retail and mail order prescriptions.