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Are there transaction fees for physicians who e-prescribe?

There are no transaction fees for prescribers to access or use the networking services provided by Surescripts.

However, prescribers must use an electronic prescribing system that is certified to connect to the Surescripts network before they can send and receive prescription information. A practice may be using a certified application already or it may need to acquire a new certified application. Costs for these systems are set by the companies that provide them. Systems that are certified to connect to the Surescripts network range from simple electronic prescribing software to full-featured EMR systems.

The only time your practice would incur transaction fees for e-prescribing would be if the vendor you select charged your practice a transaction fee. Most vendors do not charge practices a transaction fee, but be sure to ask your potential vendors about this during system selection.

Prescribers can check to see if their electronic prescribing system is certified by clicking here.