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I want to send an e-prescription to a pharmacy that I cannot locate in my e-prescribing/EHR application. What should I do?

You can search for e-prescribing enabled pharmacies by using the search feature located at the top of every page on our website. If a pharmacy that you are you are not able to locate within your e-prescribing/EHR application is listed as enabled for e-prescribing on the Surescripts website, this may indicate that your pharmacy directory is incomplete or outdated. 

We recommend that all certified vendors pull partial directory updates on a nightly basis from Surescripts and provide these updates to their customers with 24 hours. Vendors should also pull a complete directory update at least once per week and provide this data to their customers within 24 hours.

Once the vendor has pulled a directory update from Surescripts they may automatically push the update to their customer or may require the customer to obtain the updated directory information. Please work with your e-prescribing/EHR vendor to understand how pharmacy directory updates are received into your e-prescribing/EHR application.