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What should I do if a patient or pharmacy calls and reports that they did not receive a prescription that I sent to them electronically?

Although the vast majority of e-prescriptions are dispensed without incident, issues such as mishandled prescriptions may occur from time to time.

Possible Causes:

  • A technical issue with your electronic prescribing software, the pharmacy computer system, or network connectivity may have caused you to receive an error message on the prescription's transmission.
  • The prescription may have arrived to the pharmacy's fax machine instead of their computer. Reasons can include the medication being a controlled substance, a temporary loss of network connectivity, or the fact that the pharmacy is not yet enabled for e-prescribing.
  • The prescription may have been successfully received but put "on hold" due to an out-of-stock medication, an interruption during dispensing, or other issue. A simple miscommunication between staff members to the patient or to your office may have reported it as "not received".
  • If the pharmacy is inexperienced with e-prescribing, the staff member may not have adequately checked their pharmacy system for the successfully delivered prescription.

What to do:

  1. To ensure that the patient's needs are taken care of, provide the pharmacy with the verbal order for the prescription so it can be dispensed immediately.
  2. Review your e-prescribing system for any errors that may indicate the prescription was not successfully delivered and that it was addressed to the correct pharmacy.
  3. If the prescription was successfully delivered, ask the pharmacy to ensure that, in the future, they review their computer system, their fax machine, and all points within their workflow before calling for a verbal order.
  4. Report the incident to your e-prescribing software vendor so that they can open a support case on your behalf which will help reduce the chance of a future occurrence.