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What is identity proofing?

Identity proofing, also known as ID proofing, is the process of verifying that a person is who he or she claims to be. ID proofing is a common practice across industries, including such common tasks as renewing a driver's license, securing new employment, or opening a bank account. Identity proofing, including both in-person and remote ID proofing, is critically important as the first step for the secure electronic exchange of health information.

There are a number of reasons EHR vendors and aggregators should ensure the identity of their customers:

  • Growing public concern regarding privacy and security of personal health information;
  • Industry best practices for information security;
  • Refusal by business partners to conduct business;
  • Legal implications under federal and state laws; and
  • Possible breach of contract liability and suspension of services under a connectivity agreement with Surescripts.