FAQs - Technology Vendors

What is Surescripts certification?

To access Surescripts’ services, a prescriber, pharmacy and PBM must use software that has completed the Surescripts certification process. This process validates that the software is able to send and receive electronic messages in accordance with industry standards and that it is providing open choice for medication selection and dispensing location.

Surescripts certifies software used by prescribers, pharmacies and payers/PBMs for access to three core services: Prescription Benefit, Medication History and Prescription Routing. Starting in 2009, Surescripts also introduced a Clinical Messaging service, allowing clinical information to be exchanged between healthcare clinics and physicians.

Certification concentrates on message format and workflow. The software vendor seeking certification is responsible for modifying/building the electronic prescribing application in accordance with the Surescripts Implementation Guides and qualitative requirements. Surescripts provides documentation and testing tools for the software vendor and conducts certification to ensure all the requirements are met. The software vendor is responsible for development, testing, and QA of its application.