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What is the process for registering or updating a prescriber within the Surescripts Directory (Admin Console)?

Whether registering a prescriber for the first time or updating an existing prescriber listing, directory listings are a shared resource on the Surescripts network and it is very important that listings remain consistent and accurate. Our experience with directory management has shown that when information is incorrect, this can lead to future problems experienced by both the prescriber and pharmacies they wish to communicate with such has faxed refill renewal requests and misrouted prescriptions. The following is a best practice approach to properly registering a prescriber within the Surescripts Admin Console to participate in e-prescribing.

Most importantly, Surescripts recommends that the prescriber name be represented as it would in a legal or contract style document. Surescripts currently uses the NPI Registry through NPPES to review, and in questions of discrepancy, be the bases of the directory listing. Surescripts also recommends the address utilize the USPS standard address.

Available fields and descriptions:


(*) Represents those that are REQUIRED fields