• 9/10/2019

A Statement from Our CEO

“Surescripts has uncovered evidence that the fraud in connection with ReMy Health’s requests for patient data was not limited to patient medication history information. This evidence shows the fraud extended to requests for patient health insurance and prescription price information that ReMy Health provided to drug marketing websites.

Based on the facts as we know them today, this was not a HIPAA violation, and we have no indication that any pharmaceutical company knew that access to this information was not permitted under Surescripts’ agreements with ReMy Health.

Trust is the cornerstone of the Surescripts network, and we take our responsibility for transmitting sensitive patient health information very seriously. We are committed to operating a network that is secure, private and will only be used for the purpose of delivering care.

The volume of ReMy Health’s activity was very small, but fraudulent behavior of any kind cannot be tolerated. The steps we have taken with ReMy Health, including termination of our contract with them, are necessary to maintain the integrity of the Surescripts network. At a time when patients are already skeptical of the healthcare industry’s ability to protect their sensitive data, we are taking steps to protect it on behalf of patients and the people who care for them."

- Tom Skelton, Chief Executive Officer, Surescripts

Contact: media@surescripts.com or (844) 673-9112

To learn more about Surescripts’ investigation of ReMy Health please review this backgrounder.


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