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The Surescripts Network Alliance links 2 million healthcare professionals and organizations across the U.S. See how you can tap into its power.

Making an impact on patients together

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates change across healthcare, the Surescripts Network Alliance is innovating to tackle our shared challenges and deliver better care.

Patient safety

Increasing patient safety

We’ve improved our network-wide Quality Index Score for electronic prescriptions more than 80% since 2016.1

Lowering costs

Lowering costs

In several practice areas, prescribers who use Surescripts to find a less costly alternative save patients an average of $50 or more per prescription.2

Quality care

Ensuring quality care

In 2020, we helped 137,000 clinicians from 23,414 organizations nationwide quickly see where patients received care and locate medical records.3


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Clinical History
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Health Systems

Technology Vendors (EHR)

Benefit Optimization
(Real Time Prescription Benefit)

Technology Vendors (EHR)

Medication History

Technology Vendors (EHR)


Prior Authorization

Technology Vendors (EHR)


Convening the Industry

Learn more about how the Surescripts Network Alliance is making an impact together on today's most pressing healthcare issues.

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