CBI’s Real-Time Benefit Check & ePrior Authorization Summit

May 15 - 16, 2018
Philadelphia, PA

Please join Surescripts at the CBI’s Real-Time Benefit Check & ePrior Authorization Summit, a highly-focused conference on the pulse of groundbreaking advancements in real-time benefit verification and prior authorizations.

Transforming the Prescription Decision Process between Physicians and Patients

  • Revolutionize the prescription decision-making process between physicians and patients with Real-Time Prescription Benefit and expanded Prior Authorization
  • Demonstrate interoperability network to optimize decision making at the point of care
  • Automate prior authorizations to deliver patient-specific real-time price/benefit transparency and medication adherence insights that empower care providers with clinically relevant information to improve patient safety, quality, and lower healthcare costs

Speaker: Ryan Hess, Vice President, Product Innovation, Surescripts

Date: Wednesday, May 16 at 10:45am-11:30am ET

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We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia!