CBI Specialty Therapies Summit 2019

Jan 24- 25, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

CBI’s Specialty Therapies Summit is back for the 16th year! Join the healthcare community in Las Vegas to tackle the challenges of paying for innovative therapies that are conquering or controlling diseases that were once considered untreatable. Payers, specialty pharmacies and pharmaceutical executives will gather for an open exchange of ideas on the latest challenges and trends. Discussions will focus on how to control costs while increasing patient satisfaction and adherence.

With a range of topics that include adapting value-based design strategies, interfacing between ICER and pharmaceutical manufacturers and the effects on formulary decision making, the biosimilars pipeline and anticipated access barriers, comparing drug channels for therapies, and paying for high-tech therapies, you won’t want to miss it!

Join Surescripts' Kathy Lewis, M.P.H., Director of Product Innovation for the session: 

Prescriber Needs, Challenges and Opportunities to Improve the Prescribing Process for Specialty Medications

  • Date & Time: Thursday, Jan 24, 4 p.m.
  • Surescripts speakers: Kathy Lewis, M.P.H. Director of Product Innovation
  • Other speakers: Pooja Babbrah, MBA Practice Lead, PBM Services, Point-of-Care Partners

With the availability of new technology, e-prescribing non-specialty medications may be easier than e-prescribing specialty medications; however, there are still substantial challenges for healthcare providers related to prior authorization, price transparency, and additional workflow tasks. Today, 84% of physicians view the existing prior authorization process as a significant burden, and the process involving specialty medications only increases the burden. A recent survey of healthcare providers identified the challenges faced and how electronic prior authorization, real-time benefit check and other EHR-integrated tools can be used to mitigate these challenges. This session will cover survey results that identify the biggest pain points in specialty prescribing and highlight ways that health plans and specialty pharmacies can help improve the existing prior authorization process and support current and emerging specialty pharmacy data elements.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!