2019 PBMI National Conference

March 4 - 6, 2019
Palm Springs, CA

Join us at the 2019 PBMI National Conference for an educational speaking session lead by Surescripts. And stop by Booth 400 to see all Surescripts has to offer!

Improving the patient experience: Reducing friction in the prescribing process

Patients are looking for a better prescription experience and that starts with a better interaction with their provider. Today, many patients leave their doctors office with a clear plan for how to take care of themselves. Yet, when they head to the pharmacy, they find out that their prescription is too expensive or that there is a delay in it’s fulfillment.  This causes frustration for the patient and may ultimately result in the patient not getting the optimal drug or even choosing to forgo the therapy. In this session, you will explore today’s challenges with prescription delivery and how optimizing the prescribing decision within the provider workflow can alleviate friction for the patient downstream and improve speed to therapy.

Luke Forster-Broten
Chris DiBlasi

We look forward to seeing you in Palm Springs!