Webinar: How has COVID-19 Permanently Changed Healthcare?

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COVID-19 transformed how we collectively delivered care in 2020. Not only are we seeing an upending of traditional health care settings, but patients increasingly expect to know the costs of their care ahead of time. In fact, many wonder how COVID-19 has permanently changed the way patients receive care and interact with the healthcare system. In the years ahead, we expect to see more disruptions of the status quo, continued acceleration of the trends that enabled virtual care, and further innovations to help overcome information sharing constraints created by the pandemic. During this panel discussion, experts from the frontlines will explore how technology is supporting the priorities of patients and providers, enabling care for anyone, from anywhere, at any time, and bridging the information gaps that exist within public health. They'll also explore how technology is enabling staff to act quickly and accurately to serve patients with increasingly complex needs, how the needs of patients and providers are shifting, and how healthcare leaders can prepare their organizations for changes ahead. 


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