Recognizing Industry Leaders in Their Quest for Prescription Accuracy

April 29, 2020

In a perfect world, electronic prescriptions would flow seamlessly from the physician to the pharmacy to the patient, without interruption and without extra work. And they would be 100% accurate.

Given that Surescripts processed nearly 1.8 billion e-prescriptions last year, and each of those contained 40 distinct data elements, that’s a tall order. But we’re certainly moving in the right direction.

Since introducing our Critical Performance Improvement program, Surescripts and our Network Alliance partners have made significant improvements to e-prescription accuracy. In fact, our network-wide Quality Index Score improved 80% from 2016 through 2019.

It takes real partnership to achieve such results. As such, the Surescripts White Coat Award celebrates and recognizes leaders from across the Network Alliance who have made a serious commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through prescription accuracy.

Prescription accuracy means the right medication is ready when the patient needs it. It means doctors and pharmacists can focus on patients rather than phone calls and faxes to sort out confusing directions or doses. And most importantly, prescription accuracy means patients get safer, more effective care.

This award recognizes the EHRs, health systems, pharmacies and pharmacy technology vendors  who have adopted best practices and technology to advance prescription accuracy and quality. And this year, we’re including two new categories: RxChange Champion and Structured & Codified Sig Champion.

Are you ready to amp up your commitment to prescription accuracy? Visit our 2020 White Coat Award webpage to learn more.

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