A Future Where Price Transparency is the Norm

June 11, 2020

Luis Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer of Keycentrix Inc., sat down with Surescripts to talk about the value pharmacists add beyond putting pills in a bottle, and a future state of healthcare where price transparency is the standard and patients don’t have to be financially successful to stay well.

“A pharmacist is a doctor,” said Luis. “They understand the drug interactions and the implication on patient care. They also know how to discuss that with a patient. I think a lot of our customers aren't just putting pills in a bottle and handling them. They are—before you even get the pill bottle—considering what works best for you. And then, on top of that, they have a kind of social work element to it, because if you can't afford the drug, what do we do?”

Go inside the patient experience with Luis as he talks about the financial implications he sees his loved ones facing as drug prices continue to rise, and the critical role that pharmacists enabled with price transparency tools can play in helping prescribers and their patients achieve more positive outcomes.

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