Escaping the Administrative Swirl Just in Time

July 20, 2020

Stephanie Goldhuber is a Senior Software Engineer for Transaction Data Systems, a leading pharmacy software provider. She sat down with Surescripts to talk about the administrative swirl that too often catches patients in a game of telephone.

When Stephanie learned that her regular blood pressure medication was discontinued, and that her prescription for another had expired, she was in a race against the clock to find a therapeutic alternative in time to spend three weeks away from home.

As a health IT professional in the pharmacy space, Stephanie urged the pharmacy to contact her prescriber electronically.

As Stephanie explains: “So being in the industry, at the pharmacy I asked them ‘Are you sending this electronically? Are you calling? What are you doing? This has to be expedited. I need it now.' They said ‘No, we’ll take care of it.’ Turns out, they do both. They send it electronically and then they call, which then of course prompts my doctor’s office to call me and say, ‘What’s going on at your pharmacy?’ So why is there this much confusion?”

Go inside the patient experience as Stephanie attempts to address the disconnect between prescriber and health plan, and hear what she discovers about the cost of her medication in the process.

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