Prescriber directory

Independent pharmacies:

In order to send prescription renewal authorization requests electronically to all eligible prescribers in your area, your pharmacy software must be updated with a valid Surescripts Provider Identifier (SPI) number for each prescriber activated for electronic renewals. Your software vendor can provide this information to you, usually electronically. However, you can also generate an online report that will provide you with SPI information for all prescribers activated for this service via the Surescripts network.

Please enter your NCPDP ID, your zip code, and your preferred mile radius. You will then see the names and associated SPI information for each prescriber activated for electronic prescription renewals within the mile radius you selected. Note that in Part 2 of the report you will see a listing of physicians in that same mile radius that are enabled to send new prescriptions but are not yet activated for electronic renewals. You do not need to enter any information into your system for these prescribers however we thought you might be interested in seeing which prescribers are enabled to send you new prescriptions electronically.