Since 2001, we've been building an industrial-strength health information network designed to increase patient safety, lower costs and improve quality of care.

Surescripts Network Alliance


Convening the Healthcare Industry to Deliver Actionable Patient Intelligence

Surescripts transmits nearly 12.8 billion transactions annually, including nearly 4.8 million e-prescriptions daily. But scale alone isn’t what makes us different. It’s the unprecedented participation we’ve achieved across the healthcare marketplace. We call it the Surescripts Network Alliance.

The Surescripts Network Alliance includes virtually all electronic health records (EHRs), pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies and clinicians, plus an increasing number of health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations and specialty pharmacy organizations.

Enhance Prescribing

Collectively Enabling Safer and More Affordable Prescriptions

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E-Prescribing gives healthcare professionals in all care settings safer and more efficient electronic prescription management.

Benefit Optimization delivers real-time, patient-specific benefit, price and therapeutic alternative information to the point of care.

Prior Authorization provides seamless, real-time, EHR-integrated electronic prior authorization at the point of care.

Specialty Medications can be prescribed and fulfilled more quickly and easily with tools that simplify the prescribing process.

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Inform Care Decisions

Arming Healthcare Professionals with Actionable Patient Intelligence

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Medication History intelligence that is aggregated and delivered to the point of care gives a more complete picture of patients’ health history.

Clinical History information that is patient-specific and accessible regardless of geography, care provider or EHR improves care quality.

Clinical Direct Messaging offers secure delivery of clinical communications and data for improved care coordination and workflow efficiency.

Insights & Alerts provide data at the point of care to address adherence issues and improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

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Advance Healthcare

Convening, Informing and Advocating for the Healthcare Industry.

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Intelligence in Action
Find insights on topics such as interoperability, prescription accuracy and the opioid epidemic.

Federal Advocacy
Our leaders inform and encourage smart health IT policy at the national level.

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Find opportunities to connect with Surescripts throughout the year and around the country.

Press Releases
Get the latest updates on how the Surescripts Network Alliance is advancing healthcare.

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Surescripts Helps Customers Reach Their Highest Potential

We don’t exist to merely move patient data around—we’re here to serve and share the wealth of information that makes healthcare better for all.

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Increasing Patient Safety

2 million CancelRx transactions processed in 2016 to prevent discontinued medications from being dispensed

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Lowering Costs

$140 – $240 billion in potential savings over 10 years due to gains in administrative performance and clinical outcomes from e-prescribingi

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Ensuring Quality Care

20% improvement in medication adherence when actionable intelligence is delivered within an EHRii

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It's not just data—it's actionable intelligence.

See how we make the difference by putting data to work without slowing down providers.

"If everyone is working from the same information, it's better for the economy, it's better for healthcare and it's better for the patient. Everybody wins."

Mike Gelman VP, Corporate and Business Development, SigmaCare

Mike Gelman


March 2018

Surescripts Responds to ONC’s TEFCA Draft

Surescripts recently responded to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) draft of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA). The goal of TEFCA is to advance the establishment of a national health exchange infrastructure, an objective of the 21st Century Cures Act of 2016. 

March 2018

Surescripts Commends Congressional Leadership as EPCS Act Gains Traction in Senate, Following House Bill

In a letter presented to the U.S. Senate on February 27, Surescripts expressed strong support for the Every Prescription Conveyed Securely (EPCS) Act, and thanked the policymakers who have championed this important bi-partisan bill. The letter was submitted for the record the same day the bill was introduced to the Senate.

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