Bridges interoperability gaps

Show where patients have been seen beyond their primary location and find their records, pulling information from all connected EHRs.

Delivers critical information in seconds, not days

Patients whose outpatient care teams do not receive a timely hospital discharge summary are 10 times likelier to return to the hospital. Our Record Locator & Exchange reduces these dangerous delays. Give your care managers timely insight into where members have received care and access to clinical documentation.

Scalable clinical history document exchange reveals the full picture

A hub-and-spoke exchange structure lets care teams access clinical documents in full, including detailed summaries of care to build a full picture of patients' health history. Give clients unparalleled access to care locations and clinical records, including data for 324 million patients from across the U.S.

Improved data aids coordinated care

More complete patient information helps prevent potential duplications of care that cost an estimated $148 billion to $226 billion annually.

Record Locator & Exchange provides demographic information to ensure proper identification and matching. A typical clinical document shared between healthcare providers includes: allergies, medications, diagnoses, immunizations, family/medical/surgical/social history, test results, discharge information, vital signs and providers progress notes.

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