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Prescribers and pharmacists are already seeing the impact—like cutting the turnaround time to complete a prescription by nearly two days.

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Specialty medications require extra care and expertise

Yet specialty stakeholders often lack timely access to the data they need to keep prescriptions moving-on top of outdated communication barriers involving phone calls, fax machines and paperwork.

Steffany Stern

"Those entities are just not set up to talk to each other.” See more from Steffany Stern of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In July 2020, Surescripts and Point-of-Care Partners joined forces with Accredo specialty pharmacy and three physician practices to assess the impact of advanced technology, using staff input and virtual office visits that included live demonstrations of the prescribing and fulfillment process.

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Timely data access for measurable impact

Accredo specialty pharmacy cut operational costs by significantly limiting the need for pharmacists and staff to hunt for missing clinical data. Faster patient enrollment and a faster path to approving prior authorizations reduced time to therapy.

Katie Reeves

"We all want the same thing: clear communication that helps get patients started on therapy in a safe and timely manner." See more from Katie Reeves of Accredo.

Fewer phone calls.
Fewer faxes.
Less busywork.

Before automating elements of the prescribing and fulfillment process, half of prescriptions resulted in callbacks from pharmacists looking for missing clinical data. Automation led to a considerable drop in calls and messages to physicians and freed up more time for patient care.

Digital tools like Specialty Patient Enrollment and Specialty Medications Gateway enable providers to control—and dramatically accelerate—the prescribing journey for physicians, pharmacists and patients.


Access to Critical Data


Seamless Communication Channels


Optimized Workflows

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