Specialty Medications

Specialty Medications solutions streamline the unique complexities of specialty prescribing and fulfillment to reduce treatment delays.


Specialty Patient Enrollment

Automate the specialty enrollment process and electronically connect prescribers and pharmacists for a streamlined experience and faster time to fill for patients.

Simplifies the specialty enrollment process

Specialty medication enrollment data is sent directly from the electronic health record (EHR) to the specialty pharmacy, with no action needed from the prescriber.

Reduces administrative burdens

The e-prescription and specialty patient enrollment information are sent simultaneously via a secure, automated workflow—correct, approved and ready for fulfillment.

Streamlines communication

By sending specialty pharmacies accurate and complete enrollment data, phone calls and faxes are greatly reduced, giving valuable time back to prescribers, pharmacists and support staff.

Accelerates speed to therapy

Enrollment data is sent automatically, so critical prescriptions are ready to fill faster. A 33% increase in prescriber enablement in 2022 means more patients can start treatment sooner.

Specialty Medications Gateway

When the specialty pharmacy does not receive all clinical enrollment data electronically, specialty pharmacists can retrieve this data directly from the prescriber’s electronic health record (EHR).

Enables access to necessary data for patient enrollment

Initiate a patient search for the required clinical information to dispense a specialty medication, including when more information is needed and for medication type.

Enhances and streamlines patient enrollment workflows

Specialty pharmacists avoid the arduous task of manual patient information-gathering, reducing phone calls, faxes and paperwork.

Reduces time-consuming tasks for prescribers and pharmacists

Use the Specialty Medications Gateway together with Specialty Patient Enrollment to receive enrollment data electronically—or to locate data without having to contact the prescriber.

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Let’s discuss how Specialty Patient Enrollment can work for you


Let’s Discuss How Specialty Patient Enrollment Can Work for You