Your customers expect your solutions to run on timely, high-quality data

Your tools have the power to enhance clinical decision-making to improve the care your customers deliver and make their work lives easier. To deliver the best customer experience, you can’t let gaps in medication and clinical history data slow them down.

Missing data distorts the view of adherence.

Without up-to-date information on the medications patients are actually filling, it’s impossible to accurately triage patient populations and prioritize interventions. 

83% of physicians say access to medication adherence information is a high priority.1
56% of physicians don’t trust the medication adherence information they can access.1

Finding clinical history can be disruptive.

When care teams can’t easily see where patients are receiving care beyond their organization, they lose valuable time tracking down information manually. 

Only 50% of physicians are very or extremely satisfied with their access to patient information.2
Just 1 in 3 physicians can easily determine which other care providers a patient has seen.2

Better clinical and medication history data

  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Value-Based Care

Clinical Interoperability

Inform treatment and transitions of care by giving clinicians and care managers more patient insights.

Value-Based Care

Give customers a sharper view of patient medication history, helping pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence, avoid unnecessary costs and close gaps in care.

Why Surescripts

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single source of data

A single source for comprehensive data

The Surescripts Master Patient Index includes data for 99% of the U.S. population.3


Rapid integration

Our resources and technology help expand your capabilities with minimal development lift. 

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Dedicated to your success

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