Our Purpose

Serving the nation through simpler, trusted health intelligence sharing

At Surescripts, we convene healthcare organizations nationwide to simplify how health intelligence is shared. Together, we work to deliver the right information for the right purpose at the right time, all while maintaining the highest standards for network access, security and performance. When we empower healthcare professionals with trusted insights, we increase patient safety, lower costs and ensure quality care.

Our Valued Behaviors

Inspired to stay engaged and deliver our best

Our six Valued Behaviors guide how we work to make healthcare better for everyone. 

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We’re on it

We thrive on constant engagement with our market, our business and our customers. Our bias for action drives us to ask questions, find out what’s really going on and follow up promptly. With integrity as the foundation of all we do, we celebrate people who hold themselves accountable for results that thrill our customers and make us proud. Strategy, process and teamwork are all important, but we don’t declare victory until we’ve delivered the goods. 

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Make it simple

As Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” The combination of technology and healthcare is complicated enough—so we value employees who bring clarity and simplicity to their work. That’s when our knowledge and expertise shines best. We believe that jargon and acronyms are crutches and, as such, should only be used when you need them.

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The full story told in broad daylight

Here, we like knowing the whole story: the good, the bad and the ugly. If you have a point of view, say it in the moment or in the meeting. Don’t keep it to yourself or whisper to someone behind closed doors after the meeting ends. This approach takes courage and sometimes resilience, but it also takes a lot less energy than trying to navigate ambiguity or decipher secretive behavior. 

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We win as one

As a company, we share one goal: delivering the best experience for customers and patients. So we proactively nurture relationships across the organization and build collaboration into our plans and processes from the start, ensuring we benefit from our team’s diverse strengths. When we’re facing tough conversations or ambitious timelines, we stay accountable to each other and our common purpose. We then empower leaders of initiatives to make final decisions without needing consensus, knowing they’ve sought out and considered input from the right people up front.  

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Champion diversity

Our differences are an asset. Diversity and inclusion help us grow. We’re all accountable for creating an environment that encourages everyone to bring their true selves to work, share their ideas freely and feel safe speaking up. Whether we’re connecting with colleagues or customers, we lead with curiosity and listen with respect.

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The future is bright

We are lucky! We have great jobs in an industry that’s transforming healthcare. This is both a noble task and a monumental challenge. So, the ride is going to be very fun and very fast. We need people who are energetic and up for the journey—and who have an unwavering belief that we are going to succeed. Cynics need not apply. 

Our Code of Conduct

Surescripts is committed to creating and maintaining a culture that reinforces and practices the highest ethical principles. This Code of Conduct applies to all Surescripts board members, employees, and, where applicable, contractors. Learn more.

Our History

Surescripts was built to solve America’s most complex and urgent healthcare challenges


A dynamic, dedicated, experienced team

Transforming the healthcare industry is no small task. That’s why we’re led by a team of experienced problem solvers and experts at getting the job done. Our leadership is relentless about innovation and passionate about our purpose. 

person men

“Surescripts is a purpose-driven organization and I’m a firm believer that we do well as a company by doing good, not just in our work or business, but for our employees as well.”

Frank Harvey
Chief Executive Officer

Driven by what’s possible?

At Surescripts, our teams thrive because we ask hard questions, challenge the status quo, and understand that the healthcare system will only change when passionate people turn ambitious ideas into bold action. If you want to work somewhere you can make a real difference in people’s lives, you belong here.

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I am inspired at Surescripts


Senior Business Development Analyst

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I am excited at Surescripts


Principal Segment Market Manager

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I am expanding my knowledgeat Surescripts


Senior Customer Production Support Analyst

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I am supported by colleagues at Surescripts


Account Manager II

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I am part of a mission at Surescripts


Senior Interactive Marketing Specialist

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I am part of an amazing team at Surescripts


VP, Network & Partner Experience

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I am trusted at Surescripts


VP, Content & Brand Marketing

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I am inspired to think outside the boxat Surescripts


Manager, Compensation & HR Information Systems

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I am in the middle of it all at Surescripts


Chief Information Officer

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I am challenged at Surescripts


VP, Business Intelligence

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I am constantly learning at Surescripts


Senior Principal Software Engineer

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