Without the right tools, pharmacies often lack critical information

When pharmacists can’t obtain complete patient data, it can lead to prescription sticker shock, safety concerns, treatment delays and prescription abandonment. 

Patients deserve reliability.

When medications are too expensive or workflow disruptions delay treatment, patients may abandon therapy altogether.

Prescription abandonment increases when out-of-pocket costs reach $50.1
>1 in 10 e-prescriptions contain confusing patient directions.2

Pharmacists need trusted partners.

Manual administrative tasks take up time that could be spent with patients or on activities that bring value to business.

23% of U.S. adults say they (or a family member) didn’t fill a prescription or skipped doses—or cut pills in half—because of the expense.3
Most states require e-prescribing for certain or all medications.4

Provide critical information—right from the source—to enhance pharmacy capabilities

  • Intelligent Prescribing
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Benefits & Authorizations
  • Care Team Evolution
  • Value-Based Care

Intelligent Prescribing

Make safe, clear prescriptions standard with automation built for high data quality and efficient pharmacist/prescriber collaboration.

Clinical Interoperability

Give your customers a new and better way to communicate with other healthcare partners—letting pharmacists seamlessly coordinate and close gaps in care without leaving your platform.

Benefits & Authorizations

Make it simpler to optimize medication affordability by sharing prescription benefit intelligence within your platform—helping pharmacies avoid costly restocking or extra administrative work while improving the patient experience.

Care Team Evolution

As care delivery evolves, bring more clinical and cost information to pharmacists so patients receive exceptional care wherever they seek it.

Value-Based Care

Give pharmacists a clearer view of patient benefits—helping pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence and avoid costly restocking.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“With patients demanding ever greater transparency in their healthcare spending, Real-Time Prescription Benefit helps pharmacists operate at the top of their license as expert members of their care team.”

Hemal Desai President, BestRx Pharmacy Software
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Give your customers a single, powerful QHIN™ connection

Unlock more clinical data for more extensive and collaborative care. As a QHINTM candidate, Surescripts Health Information Network is preparing to help you participate in TEFCASM with Interconnect.

Why Surescripts

A powerful partnership

systematic approach

Systematic approach to implementation

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth solution implementation.

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Network Alliance Partner Program

We’ll partner with you to develop powerful materials that influence resale and adoption. 

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Commitment to network integrity

We continuously protect and improve the privacy, security and performance of our network. 


Keep pace with healthcare innovation

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