Get up-to-date formulary data direct from PBMs

Add accurate plan-level formulary information to prescriber workflows from pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and health plans. With On-Demand Formulary, you can reduce processing time and future investment in upgrades by making insights available on demand instead of downloading large files each week. For the prescribers you serve, real-time information means more power to optimize medication decisions for better outcomes.


of providers say formulary data problems make their jobs at least moderately more difficult1


of providers regularly refer to formulary information within patients’ EHRs1


monthly potential savings for electronic health record (EHR) vendors2

A closer look

What can On-Demand Formulary do for you?

Access accurate formulary data on demand, in real time, directly from PBMs. Optimize prescription decisions, improve patient outcomes and reduce time spent processing files.

  • EHR vendors

Bring up-to-date formulary data into clinical workflows

Deliver reliable, plan-level formulary data electronically via real-time request/response transactions. Transmit the most current drug information within your platform using a fully integrated, streamlined solution. You can also leverage this information to kickstart Real-Time Prescription Benefit and Electronic Prior Authorization workflows. 

icon deliver more value
Deliver more value within your EHR

Give the providers you serve insights they can trust without requiring them to search outside your platform.

icon return realtime data
Return real-time data at the point of care

Give providers detailed, accurate drug information on demand, right when it’s needed.

icon make information effortless
Make up-to-date information effortless

Eliminate the resources required to download large formulary files with on-demand data access.

icon beneit coverage resistrictions
Inform users about coverage restrictions

Understand if a medication requires prior authorization or step therapy requirements from the patient’s health plan.

How it works for EHR vendors

A physician opens your medication module to find the best therapeutic option.

Before the On-Demand Formulary request, Eligibility checks the patient’s coverage to confirm the correct benefit plan.

On-Demand Formulary delivers formulary data to your EHR in real time.

The physician can access the most up-to-date information on covered and preferred drug options from the patient’s PBM.

The physician selects a covered medication and sends the prescription to the pharmacy.

On-Demand Formulary is fully integrated into the e-prescribing workflow, so it’s simple to complete the e-prescription.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“We decided to replace the distributed F&B file with Surescripts’ new On-Demand Formulary service as a way to enhance the Aprima formulary process, and at the same time reduce our development costs, network, bandwidth, and people costs. It’s been a smooth process. The service is reliable, response time is good, and our customers are benefiting from having up-to-date information.”

Neil Simon Chief Operating Officer, eMDS

Find out more about On-Demand Formulary

What benefits can I expect by adopting On-Demand Formulary?
  • Accuracy: On-Demand Formulary data is more up to date, allowing prescribers to have more trust in the data and make the best clinical decisions. 
  • Operational efficiency: Save time, effort and resources that were previously required to download the large formulary web files and process them for use within the EHR system. 
  • Less development: On-Demand Formulary reduces the development time required to upgrade when new formulary standards are released.
  • Compatibility with other solutions: On-Demand Formulary and Real-Time Prescription Benefit can be easily deployed together as they have similar development paths.
How does On-Demand Formulary compare to getting Formulary data via file transfer?

On-Demand Formulary eliminates the need for EHRs to download formulary files. You’ll receive the latest data from the drug compendia to assist in the most up-to-date classification of medications. 

Can you have both On-Demand Formulary and Eligibility & Formulary?

Yes. Some customers prefer to maintain access to Formulary data via file transfer in order to have a local copy of the Formulary data.

How can my organization sign up to share or receive data through Surescripts On-Demand Formulary?

We are always expanding our partnerships for On-Demand Formulary. To get the conversation started, click the “Get in touch” button below.


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