Patients need continuity of care. Providers need simpler workflows.

When providers don’t have complete patient history, prescription costs and prior authorization requirements at the point of care, treatment may be ineffective, delayed or even abandoned. All of this can take a toll on provider and patient wellbeing.

Clinicians lack patient health history.

Without complete patient care and medication history, it’s more difficult to make safe and effective prescribing decisions.

A lack of care coordination often leads to overtreatment.1
85% of healthcare organizations say their value-based care needs are not being met.2

Prescription costs are too high.

All too often, patients are surprised by prior authorization requirements and steep prescription costs, which leads to prescription delays and abandonment. 

53% of patients do not take medication due to cost.3
Too many administrative tasks contribute to provider burnout.4

Relevant intelligence in your EHR workflow

  • Intelligent Prescribing
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Benefits & Authorizations
  • Care Team Evolution
  • Value-Based Care
  • Specialty Medications

Intelligent Prescribing

Help your prescribers communicate treatment intentions with confidence and address pharmacy requests with ease.

Clinical Interoperability

Inform treatment and transitions of care by giving clinicians and care managers more patient insights and better communication channels.

Benefits & Authorizations

Leverage intelligence from prescription benefit plans to help choose the best medication option and swiftly handle (or avoid) prior authorizations.

Care Team Evolution

Help give patients exceptional care wherever they seek it by bringing more information into practitioner workflows and empowering all those who participate in a patient’s care to operate as a team.

Value-Based Care

Pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence, avoid unnecessary costs and close gaps in care with a sharper view of patient medication history, care activity and benefits.

Specialty Medications

Ensure that healthcare professionals have the trusted intelligence they need to get specialty medications to patients quickly, with less paperwork and lower costs.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“Working with Surescripts and having that actionable, time-sensitive data, we’re now able to make our outreaches in a more time-sensitive manner.”

Tasnima Nabi, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Mount Sinai Health System

“Record Locator & Exchange is turbocharging the information we receive about patients as we’re seeing them. It just makes it really easy to do the right thing.”

Dr. Nitu Kashyap Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Yale New Haven Health
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Proven track record

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