Patients rely on specialty pharmacists, but missing information often gets in the way

When specialty pharmacies receive incomplete patient data, they spend valuable time tracking down the information and critical treatment is delayed. 

Pharmacists want more time to focus on patients.

Specialty pharmacists are bogged down with administrative tasks, which can lead to frustration and burnout. 

40% of specialty pharmacists say they feel more like an admin.1
39% have to contact clinicians at least five times in an average day.1

Delays can hinder treatment.

All too often, treatment is delayed due to missing patient information, potentially resulting in patient health concerns and complications. 

It takes prescribers three hours of paperwork a week to start patients on specialty medications.2
The average specialty prescription takes at least four days to fill.1

Get insights to expedite therapy

  • Intelligent Prescribing
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Benefits & Authorizations
  • Care Team Evolution
  • Value-Based Care
  • Specialty Medications

Intelligent Prescribing

Let pharmacists fill prescriptions confidently and quickly—preventing treatment gaps and delays with the help of automatically enhanced and validated prescription data.

Clinical Interoperability

Make interoperability an everyday reality with more patient insights and better communication channels.

Benefits & Authorizations

Check coverage with intelligence sent directly from prescription benefit plans.

Care Team Evolution

Get more clinical information to help the specialty pharmacy team provide exceptional care as key members of an evolving care team.  

Value-Based Care

Gain a sharper view of patients’ care activity and benefits—helping pinpoint opportunities to improve adherence, avoid unnecessary costs and close gaps in care.

Specialty Medications

Access clinical data direct from the patient’s record to expedite enrollment and fulfillment of specialty medications. Direct connectivity reduces the need for follow-up calls to prescribers or patients.

Success Stories

Real-world results

“Surescripts solutions accelerate the process for specialty prescribing, fulfillment and onboarding by filling information gaps with clinical intelligence. Speed and patient safety are enhanced.”

Katie Reeves Senior Product Manager, Accredo

“We use Surescripts Specialty Medications Gateway to promptly access clinical information to improve care for our patients. It eliminates the need to continually contact provider offices, freeing us up to have real-time conversations with patients, develop their care plans and submit pre-authorizations.”

Jaime Bond Pharm.D Registered Store Manager, Community-based Specialty, Walgreens

“Walgreens works with Surescripts because we share the goals of wanting to improve patient care and health outcomes.”

Khadijah Khan Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Strategy (Neurology, Organ Transplant), Walgreens
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proven track record

Proven track record

Surescripts is known for high-quality implementations and ensuring customer success.

network alliance partner

Network Alliance Partner Program

We’ll partner with you to develop powerful materials that influence adoption and best practices. 

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Promoting safe, efficient prescriptions

We’re optimizing performance to improve prescription accuracy industrywide. 


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  1. Surescripts, “Pharmacist Perspectives on the Specialty Fulfillment Process,” April 2020.
  2. Surescripts, “Provider Perspectives on Specialty Prescribing,” March 2019.
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