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“Surescripts comes with a fabulous reputation in the marketplace. That ability to have direct connections with pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies and EHRs is incredibly attractive. Why wouldn’t we leverage that opportunity?”

Donna Maddox Executive Director, Product Management, athenahealth

“As one of the original electronic case reporting (eCR) pilots, we were able to go live in about three days and hope to advance eCR as a nationwide approach to case reporting.”

Steven Lane, M.D., M.P.H. former Clinical Informatics Director, Privacy, Information Security & Interoperability Sutter Health

“Our staff now has immediate access to each patient's benefit information. Information that used to require multiple steps and several minutes to gather now appears right away.”

Priyank Patel Owner & pharmacist Felicity Pharmacy, Getty Square Pharmacy and Health Rx Pharmacy

“We can use e-prescribing and prior authorization processes to help work with the physician to coordinate care so that patients get the medication their doctor would like them to have.”

Christian Tadrus Owner & Chief Pharmacist Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacies

“Our collaboration with Surescripts is a complement to our existing solutions and further enhances our ability to reduce turnaround time, improve the prescriber experience and ensure access to medication.”

Brian Seiz, Pharm.D. President, Pharmacy Express Scripts and Accredo

“Record Locator & Exchange is turbocharging the information we receive about patients as we’re seeing them. It just makes it really easy to do the right thing.”

Dr. Nitu Kashyap Associate Chief Medical Information Officer Yale New Haven Health

“[With Real-Time Prescription Benefit I can] turn my computer screen to my patient and family members and say, 'I have this medication in mind, but let's look at it together and see what your costs will be.'”

Dr. Michelle Forbes Physician MD Pediatric Associates

“Working with Surescripts and having that actionable, time-sensitive data, we’re now able to make our outreaches in a more time-sensitive manner.”

Tasnima Nabi, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacy Manager Mount Sinai Health System

“CancelRx provides the alignment of a patient’s prescription information across care provider systems […] and improves our collective ability to ensure that patients are taking the appropriate medication.”

Tolu Akinwale Manager, Electronic Prescribing Walgreens
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