Integrating more data and more providers for better care

Healthcare is complex. We help simplify it by working with stakeholders across the industry, aligning their interests and harnessing their power to achieve our common goal: better, safer, more cost-effective care. 

We work to deliver the right information for the right purpose at the right time, all while maintaining the highest standards for network access, security and performance. The trusted insights we deliver empower healthcare professionals to transform care for patients and everyone who serves them—at scale and across the nation.

Nearly 2 days

Average time saved to fill a specialty prescription1

28.4 million

Electronic case reports sent to public health agencies in 20232

1.89 billion

Links to clinical document sources delivered to care teams in 20232

2.97 billion

Medication histories delivered in 20232

179.6 million

Direct messages delivered in 20232

Trusted health intelligence is making an impact on safety, cost and quality. 

Icon patient safety

Increasing patient safety

We’ve improved our network-wide Quality Index Score for electronic prescription more than 300% since 2016.3

Icon lowering costs

Lowering costs

Prescribers who use Surescripts to find a less costly alternative save patients an average of $37 per prescription.2

Icon quality care

Ensuring quality care

In 2023 we helped more than 259,000 clinicians nationwide quickly see where patients received care and locate medical records.2

The Surescripts Network Alliance

Expanding our impact together

The Surescripts Network Alliance® brings together healthcare professionals and organizations across the U.S. to collaborate, tackle shared challenges and advance care.

The Surescripts Platform

Powering the future of healthcare

Health intelligence sharing at scale requires powerful infrastructure. The Surescripts Platform supports every Surescripts product and every Network Alliance participant with industry-leading reliability, security and scalability.

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Our Impact

Driving change. Delivering results.

We are making a difference in the lives of patients and those who care for them. See how we’re moving healthcare forward. 

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Success stories

Find out how other healthcare organizations use Surescripts to reach their goals. 

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National Progress Report

Track how we’re advancing health intelligence sharing with data from across the network. 

White coat award2
White Coat Award

Explore opportunities to be recognized for championing change and improving e-prescription accuracy. 

Data insights2
Data insights

Dig into industry trends and perspectives. 

Customer Experience

Invested in your success

When you partner with Surescripts, you activate an entire team of experts, working alongside you to reach your goals faster. Unlock resources, support and programs that empower your team to keep learning, optimizing and realizing even more value over time.  

customer experience
Success Stories

Real-world results

“Surescripts does a wonderful job bringing together diverse perspectives around a very complex subject matter. The Network Alliance is a powerful resource for me and our organization.”

Sam Lambson Vice President of Interoperability, Oracle Health

“Surescripts solutions accelerate the process for specialty prescribing, fulfillment and onboarding by filling information gaps with clinical intelligence. Speed and patient safety are enhanced.”

Katie Reeves Senior Product Manager, Accredo

“Surescripts is sitting in the middle, and it's really valuable because it offloads a lot of the work for us to broker the point-to-point relationships.”

Neal Reizer Former Senior Vice President of Product Management, Homecare Homebase

Keep pace with healthcare innovation

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  2. Surescripts, “2023 National Progress Report,” March 2024.
  3. Surescripts' Quality Index Score measures the effective use of 16 key elements of electronic prescriptions, such as drug description, days supply, and potency unit code. Surescripts, “2023 National Progress Report,” p. 3.
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