Transforming healthcare with trusted intelligence

We’re putting interoperability to work and empowering healthcare organizations across the country with the intelligence they need to optimize outcomes and operate more efficiently. Together, we are making progress toward better, safer, more cost-effective care.

patient safety new

Increasing patient safety




Quality Index Score improvement since 20161



of prescribers enabled to e-prescribe controlled substances1



improvement in successfully canceling discontinued medications with CancelRx2 


lowering cost new

Lowering costs



average savings per prescription with Real-Time Prescription Benefit1



care events informed by Eligibility data in 20231



lower out-of-pocket cost for high-cost drug classes3


quality care new

Ensuring quality care



clinicians locating patient records nationwide in 20231



of medication history responses augmented in 20231



HIPAA-compliant Clinical Direct Messages exchanged in 20231


Success Stories

Real-world results

“Sometimes it can take hours to try to get records from different places ... And so having a network that has so much information in one place is really important.”

Kristin Alvarez Director, Center for Innovation and Value

“The availability of member-specific drug cost information in the EHR points to a truly advanced prescribing experience that is helping to make medicines more accessible and affordable for consumers.”

Dr. Troyen Brennan Former Chief Medical Officer, CVS Caremark/Aetna, Parkland Health & Hospital System

“Our staff now has immediate access to each patient's benefit information. Information that used to require multiple steps and several minutes to gather now appears right away.”

Priyank Patel Owner & pharmacist, Felicity Pharmacy, Getty Square Pharmacy and Health Rx Pharmacy

“Electronic tools better align pharmacists and providers. They truly make pharmacists part of the care team.”

Dr. Nele Jessel Chief Medical Officer, athenahealth
National Progress Report

Tracking the impact of health intelligence sharing across the United States

In 2023, the Network Alliance exchanged more health intelligence than ever before.

Unique healthcare professionals & provider organizations connected



+5.4% yoy




network uptime




of U.S. population in our Master Patient Index

Network transactions



+9.7% yoy




to retrieve an accurate patient match



links to clinical document sources exchanged


Tracking trends & uncovering opportunities

Tap into our reports and data briefs to see how the Surescripts Network Alliance is moving the needle on some of the biggest healthcare challenges.


KLAS First Look: Surescripts Interoperability Solutions

EHR vendors are improving patient outcomes using integrated communication technology.


Medication Affordability & Adherence Impact Report

Access to patient-specific benefit information and out-of-pocket costs improves prescription pickup rates.


Specialty Obstacles & Opportunities Data Brief

Prescribers and pharmacists need help fixing missing information and treatment delays.


Prescription Accuracy Impact Report

Collaboration improved e-prescription transaction accuracy by 64% from 2016 to 2019.


How Are Care Teams Evolving to Fill Primary Care Gaps?

Analysis shows national and county-by-county opportunities to improve access to primary care.


Prior Authorization Fast PATH Study

High users of electronic prior authorization technology are shown to experience the greatest benefit.

White Coat Award

Honoring leaders in data accuracy and performance

The Surescripts White Coat Award celebrates leaders across the Network Alliance who are advancing prescription accuracy and performance.

highest performance

Highest Performance

Recognizing the best overall accuracy score as measured by our data analysis engine that monitors e-prescription accuracy and pinpoints areas for improvement.



Showcasing organizations making innovative strides toward performance optimization across the healthcare continuum—ultimately helping provide quality care in a timely manner.

rxchange champion

RxChange Champion

Highlighting organizations successfully advancing the RxChange transaction, which lets pharmacies communicate with prescribers to resolve prescription concerns within their electronic workflow.


Keep pace with healthcare innovation

  1. Surescripts, “2023 National Progress Report,” March 2024.
  2. Taylor L. Watterson et al., “CancelRx Implementation: Observed Changes to Medication Discontinuation Workflows Over Time,” Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy, January 25, 2022. Pharmacy cancellation rate improved from 34% to 93% after implementation.
  3. Sunita M. Desai et al., “Effects of Real-Time Prescription Benefit Recommendations on Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs,” JAMA Internal Medicine 182 (11): September 12, 2022.Surescripts, “2022 National Progress Report,” March 2023. 
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