Connecting Long Term Care

A Single Connection

Healthcare interoperability improves patient safety, provides smoother transitions of care, and increases productivity for providers. Yet today, most Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities lack the connectivity necessary to make true healthcare interoperability a reality. Surescripts can help.

Long Term Care (LTC and LTPAC)

Industry-Leading e-Prescribing Technology

In most Long Term Care facilities, prescriptions are phoned or faxed to the pharmacy. Less than three percent of prescriptions are handled electronically and require a direct connection with the pharmacy. This is cost-prohibitive and difficult for most organizations to undertake, limiting a facility’s pharmacy choices.

A single connection to Surescripts delivers:

  • Industry-leading e-prescribing capabilities. Reduce prescription errors, improve patient safety, and eliminate the expense of setting-up multiple direct connections. 
  • Full functionality. Supports a full range of transactions, including Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances, NewRx – Orders and Discharges, RxChange, CancelRx, RxFill, Census, and Resupply.
  • Unmatched Industry Access. Connects to the largest network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, pharmacies, and EHRs in the nation. 
  • Full integration. Integrates directly into the EHR workflow.
  • Regulatory compliance. A standards-based, streamlined and cost-effective way to meet e-prescribing regulatory requirements.

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