Take the Frustration Out of Prior Authorization

Prior authorization is the biggest headache facing physicians today: ninety-one percent describe prior authorization as primitive, time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. Get CompletEPA

CompletEPA is a real-time, end-to-end electronic prior authorization solution that is integrated within the EHR workflow. Our massive network, extensive experience with e-prescribing, and relationships with the nation’s leading health plans allow us to deliver a truly automated solution.

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A Truly Automated Solution

Surescripts CompletEPA eliminates the need for forms, faxes, web portals, and phone calls associated with prior authorization – all requests are sent directly to the health plan electronically, minimizing hassles and delays.

The Right Prior Authorization Questions Every Time

CompletEPA presents physicians with patient and plan-specific questions automatically. What’s more, CompletEPA prepopulates patient data automatically, eliminating the need to complete prior authorization forms manually.

Work Within Your EHR Platform

CompletEPA integrates with existing EHRs and e-prescribing workflows, eliminating the need for users to leave their EHR platforms.

Help Drive Utilization

Surescripts provides resources and support post-implementation to help you connect to more of your healthcare community stakeholders and effectively exchange critical information. For more information, contact a Surescripts Activation team member today.

CompletEPA is providing an efficient line of communication between providers and health plans. As we focus on the best care for our patients, the electronic prior authorization streamlines the patient’s ability to obtain needed medications.

Before we launched electronic prior authorization, it used to take two to three days to get a turnaround response for medications. Now, we’ve cut that down to several minutes or several hours, which has greatly improved our patient satisfaction and the delivery of care.

CompletEPA is so much more efficient than the manual process. Now, we often receive approvals automatically without taking any action. In the first 3 days after our upgrade, CompletEPA saved our nurses over 10 hours of processing time per prescribing provider.

How We Simplify the Process

CompletEPA® pre-populates patient data automatically; eliminating the need to complete prior authorization forms manually, and sends all prior authorization requests directly to the health plan electronically—not by fax like other prior authorization companies.


Traditional PA is Complex and Time-consuming

Diagram showing how Traditional P A is complex and time-consuming.

Electronic Prior Authorization Simplifies the PA Process

Diagram showing how Electronic Prior Authorization simplifies the PA process.

Frequently Asked Questions About CompletEPA®

  • Will providers be informed of approval or denial decisions in real-time?

    • Yes, CompletEPA’s connectivity to health plans and PBMs ensures that providers get real-time approval or denial decisions within the EHR, often seconds after submitting a completed question set.
  • How does the manual prior authorization process impact patient care?

    • Twenty to thirty percent of patients never pick up prescriptions that require prior authorization. Sixty-nine percent of patients that get their medications report waiting two or more days for prescription approval.
  • Will providers have to enter patient demographics or medication information into a form?

    • No, CompletEPA is fully integrated into the EHR workflow, allowing the automatic transmission of all patient and provider demographic and medication information to the correct payer, at the touch of a button, with no work required for the provider.
  • Is it necessary for a provider to fill out a paper form or visit a website with CompletEPA?

    • No, CompletEPA is completely integrated within the EHR workflow and does not require the physician to leave the familiar context of their EHR to answer prior authorization questions.

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