Medication information is critical to managing at-risk patient populations, but many health systems, hospitals and accountable care organizations (ACOs) lack this data or face significant obstacles when integrating it. Now, you can access the dispensed medication data you need to improve patient care and safety while reducing readmissions and lowering costs.



(formerly Medication for Panel Management)

Our trusted data—we call it actionable intelligence—covers 240 million patients. Unmatched in breadth, refreshed nightly, and consistently formatted, it delivers information from nearly all major pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to your electronic health record (EHR) or analytics platform. With the most timely and accurate dispensed medication data, you can painlessly produce targeted analytics for specified patient groups of any size.

With Medication History for Populations,
you can:


Confidently spot and close gaps in care

Pinpoint characteristics that lead to disruptions in care and identify opportunities for patient interventions.

Uncover medication non-adherence and potential abuse

Track all medications patients are taking, even cash pay, to proactively identify patients who may be at risk.

Pinpoint and triage at-risk patient populations with confidence

Access accurate and detailed data from multiple sources with one connection to triage patients into low, medium and high-risk groups.

Measure medication metrics for CMS reimbursements

Conduct analytics on commonly used CMS metrics.

Differentiate your solution

If you’re an EHR or analytics platform, position your software for success with a single connection to unrivaled dispensed medication data.

How Populations Works

"The foundation of successful population health is to be empowered to manage chronic disease. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have access to high-quality and timely information on our patients."

Michael Mirro, M.D.Senior Vice President, Chief Academic Research Officer
Parkview Health

Michael Mirro


Let's Discuss How Medication History for Populations Can Work for You.


Let's Discuss How Medication History for Populations Can Work for You.