Medication only works if patients can afford & adhere to it

Enhanced prescribing is helping patients get the medications they need, at an affordable price, faster and with less hassle. See how technology is fundamentally changing the way prescribers and pharmacists interact with each other and how they serve their patients.


The problem

Medication is expensive

Prescribers say that high prescription costs are one of the top three issues in healthcare.1 And patients report that it has become harder to afford their medications.2 Many say that they don’t take their medications at all because it’s too expensive.3

But as more prescribers and pharmacists use technology to enhance prescribing, they can work together to reduce costs with patient-specific benefit information and speed time to therapy with automated prior authorization.

Dr. Andrew Mellin

$10 copay increase


10% increase

in likelihood of
prescription abandonment4

Nonadherence contributes to 1/3 of preventable adverse drug events

resulting in hospital admission5

With access to patient-specific pricing and coverage information straight from the source—the patient’s benefit plan—prescribers and pharmacists see out-of-pocket costs and multiple therapeutic alternatives. And with flags for prior authorization, they can choose a therapeutic alternative or complete the prior authorization directly within the e-prescribing workflow, saving both time and money.

The solution

Enhanced prescribing
results in
measurable impact

As the use of technology to enhance prescribing expands, so do the opportunities for prescribers and pharmacists to improve workflow, gain easy access to patient information, and enjoy more efficient prescribing through a single, workflow-integrated connection to the nation's most trusted and capable health information network.

Technology use is expanding among prescribers nationwide

More providers are gaining easy access to patient-specific data

Virtually all patients covered

The reach of Real-Time Prescription Benefit for prescribers has expanded to include pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and health plans, covering more than 97% of U.S. patients as of October 2021 (up from 82% in December 2020).

More than

$21 Million

was saved for patients in 2021 when their providers chose medication alternatives using patient-specific benefit data.

Michelle Forbes, M.D.

Pharmacists are cutting costs and helping patients stay on their medications

Mehul Khakhkhar

Illinois Map

pharmacy Addison, Illinois

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Trio of NYC
pharmaciesNew York, New York


helps healthcare professionals manage prescriptions with greater safety and efficiency, increasing medication adherence and reducing prescription fraud and abandonment.

E-Prescribing gives healthcare professionals in all care settings safer and more efficient electronic prescription management.

It supports standard prescription transactions—including NewRx, RefillRx, RxChange and CancelRx—to allow pharmacists and prescribers to securely complete an e-prescription within their existing workflows.

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Real-Time Prescription Benefit

delivers patient-specific benefit plan and drug cost information to clinicians’ electronic workflow, empowering them to address cost concerns and boost adherence.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers patient-specific benefit plan and drug cost information to clinicians’ electronic workflow, empowering them to address cost concerns and boost adherence.

It gives pharmacists and prescribers the actionable intelligence they need to make the best possible care decisions.

And it provides cost information every time a provider requests it, including for patients without insurance and whose benefit information isn't available.

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Electronic Prior Authorization

connects health plans to electronic health records and pharmacy software so clinicians can quickly process prior authorizations and patients get their medication sooner.

Electronic Prior Authorization provides a seamless, real-time, electronic prior authorization workflow that can be quickly initiated during the office visit or from the pharmacy.

It integrates directly into electronic workflows, enabling pharmacists and prescribers to quickly and easily obtain prior authorizations so patients can start on their medications sooner.

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Prescribers, pharmacists, payers and others are using technology to improve medication affordability and adherence.

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