Benefit Optimization

Our Benefit Optimization solutions deliver prescription benefit intelligence to the point of care so clinicians can find safe, appropriate medication that patients can afford and adhere to.


On-Demand Formulary

On-Demand Formulary delivers plan-level formulary information to prescriber workflows from pharmacy benefit managers via a real-time request/response transaction.

No need to download formulary files

Instead of downloading large files every week, electronic health record (EHR) systems can reduce processing time by making formulary insights available on demand.

Provides the most up-to-date information

Because Formulary responses are delivered in real time, clinicians get more accurate benefit information.

Data sent directly from the source

EHRs receive formulary data from pharmacy benefit managers and health plans instantly, helping prescribers optimize medication decisions and patient outcomes.

Less development work needed

For EHRs, On-Demand Formulary reduces the development work required to upgrade when new formulary standards are released.

Where cost concerns threaten medication adherence, we’re on it. See our impact.Where cost concerns threaten medication adherence, we’re on it. See our impact.

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Let’s Discuss How Our Benefit Optimization Solutions Can Work for You